Saturday, January 19, 2008

Good point Mark, but your premise is absolutely wrong

On his Friday show, Belling blubbered on & on (and on & on, it starts 4-1/2 minutes into the file) about how the Body Worlds exhibit does not depict any dead unborn children to avoid confronting pro-abortionists with the humanity of a dead fetus.

My wife and daughter had been to the exhibit in Chicago and immediately pointed out Belling's ignorance, there are numerous fetuses in the exhibit, including one shown in it's deceased mother's womb. Today's
MJS tells the same story about the Milwaukee exhibit.

But the sound of soft crying did sometimes drift from the exhibit's prenatal development section, which is curtained off from the rest of "Body Worlds." The section displays, among other exhibits, dead fetuses and a woman, eight months pregnant, with her belly cut away.

Jan Krueger of Mequon, who brought family members from as far away as Indiana with her to the show, stood in front of a case showing a fetus about the same age as a baby she had once lost, and she began to cry. But family hugs soon ended the tears and replaced them with a smile.

"I'm an old-time Catholic, and this is very emotional for me. But this is wonderful to see. Living beings are such a special thing," Krueger said.

I'll be listening carefully on Monday for Belling to correct himself. After all, he often claims that he is the only individual in the local or national media to publicly correct his mistakes.

UPDATE: Belling apparently came through with a correction, although the podcast missed the start of the segment. I give him credit for living up to his claim.

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