Saturday, January 12, 2008

Reliving my adolesence

In my teenage years, among my favorite features of MAD magazine were the song parodies. MAD would take a popular song and write topical new lyrics to go with it.

Unlike MAD, I'm starting with an obscure song from the cult band, They Might be Giants. I blogged a live version of James K. Polk earlier this week. The version below looks like someone's high school history project.

In the spirit of William Gaines and Alfred E. Neuman, I present my lyrics for Al A. Gore.
In 2008, the Democrats were split
The three nominees for the presidential candidate
Were Hillary Clinton, an Ex co-president and a pro-abortionist
John Edwards, a Socialist
Obama, a black man with no experience
From Nashville in a Gulfstream flying up
He was Al A. Gore, Eco-Savior of the Earth

Austere, severe, he held few people dear
His oratory bored most folks to tears
The factions soon agreed
He's just the man we need
To bring about victory
Fulfill our carbon-free destiny
And give back the land the Mexicans command
And when the votes were cast the winner was
Mister Al A. Gore, Eco-Savior of the Earth

In four short years he met his every goal
He ceded the whole southwest to Mexico
Made sure the smokestacks fell
And made the English health plan a U.S. priority
He nationalized our economy
Having done all this he sought no second term
But precious few have mourned the passing of
Mister Al A. Gore, our 44th president
Green Hickory, Eco-Savior of the Earth

I am looking forward to hearing Weird Al's performance of my lyrics for this TMBG hit.

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