Wednesday, June 11, 2008

4-Block this

Pristine natural wonder

Pristine mosquito-infested bog


I was going to research the number of visitors to GCNP and ANWR, but one of Rich Lowry's readers beat me to it.
Drilling in ANWR would be like drilling in the Grand Canyon? The Grand Canyon averages five million visitors a year. The highest number of visitors to the whole of ANWR was in 1990 and it was 886! (from 2003 Report to Congress, Interior Dept). Just who's gonna be deprived of this miniscule bit of pristineness that Maverick wants to preserve?
Come on McCain, give me one reason to vote for you. Other than, "I'm not Obama."

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Dad29 said...

...and 882 of the 886 ANWR visitors were petroleum engineers who had drawn the short straw...