Sunday, June 22, 2008

Roadside epiphanies

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel - I never knew they could do that. It was a pretty scary feeling to see the bridge ending ahead of me, as the road just disappears into the water.

Fast Drivers - As I cruised along through Virginia and Maryland at 70 in a 65 mph speed zone, I eventually noticed that I was a bottleneck driving in the center lane. I was in the slowest decile of drivers on the Interstate. Everything from Prius to Escalade was blowing by me. Most were in the 75 to 80 mph range, but a good number were pushing 90, especially anything designed in Germany.

The End of the Rainbow - I had never seen a rainbow form in the road-spray of vehicles I was following. I thought I was imagining it at first, but Mrs. HB saw it, too. I swerved a lot to avoid the pots of gold.

The iPass Works Everywhere - It was a surprise to see the barrier arm go up in North Carolina as I prepared to hand the toll attendant cash. I checked my Illinois Tollway account and was correctly charged for paying the tolls in NC and VA.

The National Road - The first I had heard of the National Road or Pike were the signs over I-68. What a fascinating history, every bit as interesting as Route 66. I can thank Garmin for getting me off the Interstate and onto Highway 40.

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steveegg said...

See how whipped we are in Wisconsin? Get out of the range of the State Patrol and business always picks up to what it should be.