Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A safety net from ethanol

It is more than just my personal observations of a late and cold Spring. We now have scientific verification that worldwide, weather has been cold in 2008.

I am not noting this weather news to deride the global warming groupthinkers. I am writing this as a warning of a possible human catastrophe and a call for Congressional action to lesson its consequences. Even this early in the growing season, grain forecasts can be reliably accurate. We may be facing a year of abnormally small corn harvests.

The United States needs to create a safety net from corn-based ethanol. This safety net will identify a minimum amount of corn needed for human consumption and agriculture needs. This amount of corn must be set aside, and sold only for food and agriculture. A Congressional mandate is needed that only quantities of corn grown above these levels can be used for ethanol production.

This proposal should not be controversial, even to the ethanol proponents and hucksters. What is at stake is the availability of food in the U.S. and starvation
worldwide. This is much more important than the excessive profits for the crappy motor fuels produced by Big Eth.

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