Monday, October 20, 2008

I believe in Joe's dream

Obama and Biden think it is hilarious that Joe the Plumber has a dream of owning his own business some day. They both know that it is implausible for a workingman without an Ivy League degree to own and run a business. Especially a business clearing over a quarter million dollars in a year.

Joe the Plumber is a punchline for Obama and Biden. Besides, it says in their reference book that the Proletariat cannot become a part of the Bourgeoisie.

I don't know Joe the Plumber. But I know John the Mechanic very well.

John the Mechanic

I first met John at my son's Boy Scout meetings. John would often be there in greasy clothes and with dirty nails. But he always had time for his sons and had a positive outlook on his place in life.

Within a few years I learned that John had bought an auto repair shop. To become a business owner meant leaving the relative security of his previous job, accepting a large amount of risk, and many sleepless nights.

I started taking my cars to John's shop because I trusted John, and he proved my trust was deserved. I could count on John answering my calls at 6:00 a.m or 6:00 p.m., that was part of the responsibility he had accepted.

Over the years, the parking lot at John' shop has become more crowded and the wait to have repairs done is longer. There are also a lot more people working there now; more than two dozen employees, including his wife and one of his sons. John's nails and clothes are also cleaner today.

Barack the Socialist

When Barack the Socialist worked as a Community Organizer on Chicago's Southside, he could have encouraged the youths there too seek vocational training to become mechanics, electricians, or even plumbers. Instead, he organized them to demand increased government handouts, mortgage loans they could not afford to pay, and to engage in vote fraud.

Had these youths become tradesmen, some would have decided that the risk of owning a business was something they were willing to take on. It would have meant jobs for the community and creation of wealth for these risk takers. Instead, Barack the Socialist believes that guys like John the Mechanic should have the rewards from the risks he has taken confiscated and redistributed to the adults that the Community Organizer did not encourage to earn for themselves.

Barack Obama has never done anything to encourage free enterprise. He's played the dirty game with the Chicago insiders, doling government favors to his political allies. Guys like Joe and John do not register on his radar.

Obama is fulfilling the dream of his father. Implementing Socialism on a much larger scale then even his father could have dreamed.

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