Friday, October 31, 2008

And what is wrong with socialism?

I sent this Prosqtor's Progress link to my leftie friend, a unionized employee of the State of Wisconsin. He used to do honest work in corporate America and has always believed in investing in the stock market. Talk about drinking the Obama Kool Aid. It must be blended in the coffee in the State Office Buildings in Madison.

This is the fun that ensued.
Headless Blogger: If the impossible happens on Nov. 4, you should visit this website.

Leftie Friend: I like it ...I'm SOLD! If the election is thrown again, I may just leave this loser place to you "reds"!

HB: Yeah, frankly if Obama succeeds in stealing the Presidency, I may use the service. Suddenly, Canada will be less socialist than the U.S.

LF: And what is wrong with socialism? (which the US will never fully be)

HB: And what is wrong with socialism?

Say goodbye to your 401(k), IRA and any other stock investments.

LF: They will not get rid of our retirement account options; give me a break! That's ludicrous!

HB: I stand corrected. 401(k)'s will still be around, just without the tax advantages and the employer incentives to match contributions. Oh boy!

LF: The comments on the article were more telling than the article itself.

Innocent Libertarian Bystander: What's wrong with socialism? Oh, not much. Ask the former members of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics how it worked out for them. From each according to his ability to each according to his need.You have ability, so cough it up and give it away to those who have the need. Or rather, have it taken forcibly away from you.

If a single person uses force to take away your wealth and give it to someone else, that's called theft. If the government uses force to take away your wealth and give it to someone else, that's called redistribution of wealth through taxation and is considered perfectly legal.

We'll find out what is wrong with socialism soon enough.

But you're right. The Second Amendment should prevent full socialism in this country.

LF: The USSR was Communist; not socialist. There is a big difference!

HB: Spoken in my best Ronnie voice: Well, there you go again.

After being bombarded by Obama lying about McCain taking Granny's SS Check away for a week, I see nothing wrong with taking the Obama 401(k) redistribution plan to it's logical conclusions. Did you also know that the government will take 50% of what is left in your 401(k) or IRA when you pass away and hand it out to dope fiends, child rapists, community organizers, and other ne'er do wells?

Also, if you think you are getting anything from BO's plan you are fooling yourself. You and I are each in the top 15% of U.S. household income. He's got to draw the line somewhere between who gives and who gets. We are going to be the givers, not the getters.

See Wiki for household income graph:

That exchange is from Monday, interestingly enough by Friday $250,000 has become $120,000. Barry O. has me and my friend in his sights, and this is four days before we vote. With a victory will Obama move that decimal point to the left?

Drudge says McCain is up 48% to 47%. My friend had better start thinking about packing those boxes for the move north of the border.

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