Friday, October 17, 2008

If a tree falls while on CNN, does it make a sound?

James T. Harris finally has had enough with CNN, which used to be a cable news network. On the radio today, he went through the preconditions that he set for this appearance on CNN. CNN violated their agreement, Harris left the set.

Here is the set up.

After being called a sell-out several times by Shelley Wynter, an African American Obama supporter claiming to be a conservative, Harris responded.
I am sick to death of the word sellout. And the guest just on used it about seven or eight times.

Listen, let me make this perfectly clear. I am not saying that Senator John McCain is a conservative. I am a conservative. Senator John McCain happens to be my candidate. And I have a better chance of pulling him over to my position, as a moderate Republican, than I do a liberal socialist. It's as simple as that. I would really appreciate it if people would just back up off of the name calling, because it gets nowhere in the dialogue.


I'm all for back and forth. I'm all for dialogue, but I'm not for name calling. You have never ...

Outside of calling someone (a liberal, a socialist) what they are, I don't call people who vote for Barack Obama names. That is their choice.

I am making my choice as a free American, and I'm sick to death of liberals coming on and bashing me because of my choice as a man.

I am a man who can make a choice and I am sick and tired of people bleeding all over me because of their insecurities. You're insecure man. Don't tell me what I am.

No. Whoa. Nothing. I'm done. I'm done.
Mr. Wynter tried to claim that he used "sell-out" in the context of Harris' conservative principals. That is pure crap.

He used "sell-out" as code words for Harris being a race traitor. Something "conservative" Wynter isn't because he is supporting Obama, the most liberal U.S. Senator ever. Beyond liberal or progressive, Obama has now revealed himself as a socialist.

I'll link the Podcast of the radio show when it is posted.


The Podcast of Friday's show is here. James T. blogs about it here.

Here's what is takes to make a liberal talk show host leave while on a national cable program. Compare and contrast.

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