Sunday, October 12, 2008

A not so Angry Man

If Ron Weisflog was an "Angry Man," I would have known it by now. Upon reading the Waukesha Freeman story, I googled and found he lives within 1/4 mile of my house. Mr. Weisflog is a local businessman and strong Republican supporter, but I've never witnessed him going berserk in the neighborhood. The Freeman reports.
But what about that Angry Man moniker? Weisflog said Friday he wasn't really mad at all. He acknowledges he night have gotten a little fired up by the crowd Thursday at the Center Court Sports Complex in Northview Road. He never imagined any of the attention his comments have received, though it has increased his resolve to support McCain.
At that rally, Weisflog and James T. Harris expressed the frustration that has been created by the failure of the mainstream press to investigate Obama. The MSM has spent more time and column inches exposing Palin's Taser-quiddick "scandal," than they have on investigating Rezko, Wright, Ayers, and Obama's place of birth combined. Obama has received more than a free pass. The MSM has not just failed to dig for dirt, they have ignored legitimate issues that have been dumped in their laps.

And it goes beyond that. The Obama campaign is being largely funded by foreigners in violation of Federal election law and is complicit with the massive vote fraud being perpetrated by ACORN. Nothing but crickets chirping from the MSM.

I believe that this press emphasis has made the Angry Red Stater meme a self fulfilling prophesy. Our complaints have become the storyline, not the self-censorship of legitimate reporting on Obama by the radical left-wingers who dominate the supposedly mainstream media.

A better line of questioning

Instead of expressing
frustration with the press and the illegal activities of the Obama campaign, McCain supporters would do better to highlight how his policies can end the current financial crisis and make America stronger.

An Obama Presidency will include the restoration of the recently expired offshore drilling ban and the wasting of significant resources on risky alternative energy schemes being by promoted by various hucksters. The McCain-Palin policy of developing U.S. energy resources will mean more jobs, a reduced trade deficit and a stronger America. Go there John, highlight that policy difference. It is a winner.

The best part of the story

While he was making his comments, though, Weisflog's wife, Gloria, had excused herself from the rally. (...) By the time she got to the parking lot, she heard her husband on speakers placed there for the overflow crowd saying, "I'm mad. I'm really mad." Gloria thought, "oh gosh," she said.
That sounds like something I'd do to my wife.


Dad29 said...

While Weisflog may have been a tiny bit over-the-top (underline TINY), your wish that McCain would actually run a campaign will NOT be his command.

PowerLine's already talking about a runaway freight train election...

Anonymous said...

ACORN? Do a little research. ACORN is a distraction from the real issue: election fraud and the firing of state prosecutors who did not find any wrong doing on the part of ACORN and thusly chose not to prosecute them. Keep in mind that the fraudulent voter registration canvassers were turned in BY ACORN ITSELF! Would you accuse a store of consumer fraud for turning in one of its employees for stealing cc numbers? Look at Michigan where 37,000 people were taken off the voter rolls since Aug. 1st - keeping in mind that 90 days before an election you may only be removed from the rolls if you died or moved out of state - while only roughly 10,000 people died or moved out of state during that period. This pattern has happened in LA, CO, and several other states since August. There's your real fraud.
As far as Ayers, both he and Obama were selected for that Education Board in Chicago by Walter Annenberg, close friend of the Reagans, ex-US ambassador to the UK and whose widow endorses McCain for president.
Do a little research before quoting Rush and Hannity's talking points verbatim. Consider reading from different sources...I'm sick of blithering ignorance in lieu of critical, objective journalism and popular research by the citizenry.