Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pies for industry, pies for the dead

ABC's Political Radar mocks Obama, using his own words. Seriously. It was not Sarah Palin this time, it really was The One.

"I was in this small town in Ohio called Georgetown, OH – little town," he began, "And we went to a diner because I decided I wanted some pie (1)."

At this point a woman in the Philadelphia crowd, listening to the story, offered to make Obama a treat.

"You gonna make me some pie (2)?" he asked, "What kind of pie do you make (3)? Sweet potato pie (4)? Alright. Alright. We might have to have a sweet potato pie (5) contest. I'll be the judge. Cause I know my sweet potato pie (6). But they did not have sweet potato pie (7) at this particular establishment," he said speaking again of the diner in Ohio. "So instead I got coconut crème pie (8). I'll take a crème pie (9), I don't mind. I like all kind of pie (10). The Governor of Ohio, he had lemon meringue pie (11) . So we had ordered our pie (12), and the employees there decided they wanted to take a picture of me," he concluded, "But just as we were finishing up taking the picture, the owner comes out, with our pie (13)."
Thirteen pies in 84 seconds. Barack is ready to take on Kobayashi.

Two hours later, the World's most brilliant orator had another chance.

“We decided to stop at a diner because I was hungry and I decided I wanted some pie (1). Pie (2). That’s what I wanted.”

At which point, as usual, someone in the crowd listening offered some pie of their own.

“You make pie(3)?” Obama asked? “What kind of pie (4) you make? Sweet potato pie (5)? I like sweet potato pie (6). I’m thinking of having a sweet potato pie (7) here in Philadelphia? Because I’ve heard a lot of people are saying they can make sweet potato pie (8). I’ll put it up against my mother in laws sweet potato pie (9). Alright, you give up? Nah. You. So anyway they did not have sweet potato pie (10) in South OH. So I had coconut cream pie (11). The governor of OH he had lemon meringue pie (12). So we ordered our pie (13) and I decide that I’m going to take a picture with the wait staff.”

It was at this point that he had matched his record. Had he stopped here, it certainly would have been impressive…yet not historic. I would like to say the crowd stood silent waiting to see if he would break the record, thrilled to say they witnessed someone reach pie immortality. But the truth is, they might have been silent out of concern. How much pie can one person take? Nevertheless, the record was within reach. And Obama continued:

“Just as we were finished taking the picture and the owner comes out, with our pie (14). So I take my pie (15).”
You just cannot make this stuff up. That was 15 pies in 104 seconds for those of you counting.

What a dolt. And we're to believe that he wrote two autobiographical novels? Obama is incapable of writing a check.

HT - Don Surber

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