Tuesday, May 29, 2007

ISD III Follow-up

One of my guests happened to capture this candid image of Headless pullin' pork (no, not "pullin' his pork," this is a family blog).

You may not believe it, but this photo has been digitally manipulated. Look very closely at the back of the white chair in the foreground. There was a name there that has been digitally masked.

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Sal DeTraglia said...

So...you *DO* have a head!

Yes, I was in the Chicago area last week. And believe me, I analyzed it from sixty different angles...but could not find a way to make the trip to Wisconsin for your ISD extravaganza. I assure you that I felt pain--your brisket photos continue to haunt me.

Brisket and a bottle of New Glarus ale. That was all the motivation that I needed.

That pain is made worse when I see the impressive inventory of Weber products on your deck. Sigh...sorry, dude. I really, truly did consider making the drive. If I cudda, I wudda.

It's just a matter of time.

Smokin' Sal