Monday, May 28, 2007

Update: Franklin Mountain Lion

It didn't take long for the folks at Cryptomundo to debunk this one.

This comments thread examined the original photos and quickly concluded that the Franklin photos are fake. I especially like hlw's logic:
If these were real… The first pic shows the cat walking towards the photographer, and he doesnt get one as he gets closer ? or if it turns away. This photo is of the rear of the building (dumpsters and access road) the second photo is of the front of the building (corporate sign and main street). No pics between? no pics coming or going when your this close? No side or butt views after traveling all the way around the building? No need to worry about photo shop the human element here is enough to say fake.
With digital photography, who takes only two photos of anything? I take multiple shots of intimate object to capture the best image.

That was followed up with a post of the original mountain lion photo.

Nice job guys at Pen & Inc of Milwaukee. Now get back to work. I hope the boss doesn't find out how many hours went into those Photoshop pictures.

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