Monday, May 14, 2007

Stick a fork in NASCAR

NASCAR develops this "Car of Tomorrow" with the idea that the COT will make the races more competitive by evening out the cars. It is working great if your name is Gordon or Johnson. But not for any other drivers.



steveegg said...

Look for a the #11 to not be allowed to unload at Lowe's until Denny Hamlin undergoes the Smoke Attitude Readjustment. He's the latest to question the Hen¢AR caution process - from the story:

"Hamlin was also critical of NASCAR for not calling a caution for obvious debris in the closing laps. Had the yellow flag waved, Hamlin was confident he would have beaten Gordon.

"'Somebody's entire fender and underbody was on the race track,' Hamlin said. 'I literally pumped my fist in the car 'cause I knew a caution was going to come out. And of course, if caution comes out, its game over. Instead, Hendrick gets another break.'"

Headless Blogger said...

This really sucks. I'll just stop watching until they stop this crap.