Thursday, May 17, 2007

Zeke gets taken out

Zeke Clark resigned as Palisades Security Manager last week. His story is getting some excited local coverage and stirring up some nuclear opponents.

Contacted this morning, Palisades communications manager Mark Savage would neither confirm nor deny that management there suspected a security breach but said Palisades' owner, New Orleans-based Entergy Corp., is investigating information from the Esquire article to determine whether an investigation is warranted.

Savage said a complete background check was conducted on Clark before he was hired at Palisades in early 2006. After taking administrative leave because of a medical condition that Savage said was unrelated to the accusations in the Esquire article, Clark resigned May 9. Since then, his security access to the plant has been suspended, Savage said.


Esquire released the story on its Web site Friday. Tuesday, the Nuclear Information and Resource Service issued a press release criticizing Palisades for failing to detect false assertions in Clark's resume.

``Apparently, a journalist can do a much better background check than Entergy and Consumer security officials,'' Toledo attorney Terry Lodge said in the press release.

It is too bad that Consumers Power and Entergy are getting stink on them from this story. Clark was hired by Nuclear Management Company. Consumers and Entergy were not responsible for Clark's hiring, and he lasted less than one month with Entergy.

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