Thursday, January 22, 2009

Does that make it the 4th Reich?

Malkin Headline:

Robert Reich: Keep stimulus money away from skilled workers and “white male contractors”

BizzyBlog post:

I was there from the very beginning in the middle of the National Mall, on the day before as well as the whole inauguration.

The crowd was overwhelmingly african american. That is a simple fact that anyone there knows and should be honest enough to say.

It was a mess. Extremely poorly organized crowds moved in different directions with no idea where they were going .

There was no ‘coming together.’ The atmosphere was extremely racist and if you didn’t look right, they let you know.


The event itself though was far from what it was described.

I felt very, very uncomfortable. Regular glances and snide remarks sent the message very clearly ‘what are you doing here - this is our event’!

I expect that within four years there will be a backlash to the Obama Administration's racist policies and attitudes. Race relations will be set back by decades. This will be the undoing of the Democrats recent election gains.


Anonymous said...

I've always said that Americans are ready for a black president but it's a shame that a lot of African Americans are not.

Anonymous said...

wow. horribly biased, inaccurate and unsubstantiated posts. honest much?

I was there freezing but content on the mall in DC and from the sunday to wednesday jan 18th to the 21st Washington DC was a very diverese almost equally "white" and "black" city. Which is impressive when you consider the city has a large african-american population.

Also it was near corny how much people were openly conversing with strangers and smiling giddily while they did. But if you guys wanna push a biased report, price of our free country.