Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Statistical proof that I was correct.

Last month I made this post that declared that the cause of Global Warming was the manipulation of data by James Hansen and his colleagues. I really assumed that their mathematical "corrections" systematically revised the temperature data based on some logical assumptions.

Instead, we learn from Anthony Watts that statistical analysis provides evidence that Hansen and his crew are hand editing the data. You really can't make this stuff up.

David Stockwell has analyzed the frequency of the final digits in the temperature data by NASA’s GISS led by James Hansen, and he claims that the unequal distribution of the individual digits strongly suggests that the data have been modified by a human hand.

With Mathematica 7, such hypotheses take a few minutes to be tested. And remarkably enough, I must confirm Stockwell’s bold assertion.

But that’s not all, Lubos goes on to say:

Using the IPCC terminology for probabilities, it is virtually certain (more than 99.5%) that Hansen’s data have been tempered with.

I am personally aware from some work I've done in another scientific area that no matter how smart the scientists and engineers are, they are almost always lousy statisticians. When those pros get involved, they can cut through the crap and bullshit right away.

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