Sunday, February 17, 2008

I don't know about heart, Peter ...

... but, touched and head may be appropriate. Peter writes at THEB.

All right, anyone not touched by this has no heart

This young feral male adopted us within the past month. He was living in our polebarn and Mrs. Headless caught him in a livetrap using catfood for bait. He must have been close to starving.

When she found him in the trap, he was spinning around like The Tasmanian Devil. The assistant at the vet also reported that after his first night there he was hanging on the cage door like one of those Garfield car-window dolls.

So far he has lost his fleas, ear mites, worms and boy parts. He no longer hisses, spits and bites; and has started purring and is learning to meow. He is still terrified and sits in that corner of our tub most of the time for security. He is a good lap cat already, staying still and enjoying the attention.

We named him Lucid, for obvious reasons.

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