Sunday, February 03, 2008

They say I gotta vote for McCain, I say OLD, OLD, OLD

Seventy-one year old John McCain has me thinking about age. And I'm not alone.

I work with several retired guys at the nuke plant. The money is too good for them to walk away, so they keep working into their late 60's as contractors. Great guys. Dedicated, hard working and still sharp.

But I wouldn't think of signing any of them to run an important 4-year project where replacement of the manager could mean failure instead of success. These guys are 5 years younger than John McCain and working in a far less stressful job. McCain's ego is no reason to hand him the keys to this country until he is 76.

One other thing to consider is that people's judgment and reasoning declines with age. Look at the shift in the positions of Supreme Court Justices with age and some of Ronald Reagan's decisions toward the end of his term.

Since there are no 72 year old commercial pilots still transporting passengers, am I to conclude that 100 lives on a plane are more important than 300 million in a nation?

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