Sunday, February 17, 2008

Winter Storm Milo - The Horror

I was is Madison yesterday, and they were in FULL BLIZZARD PANIC mode. At the west-side Woodman's it was similar to when I lived in Tennessee, people had carts loaded with milk and TP, and everything else they could pick-up.

When leaving Woodman's, I left Mrs. Headless and two Headless Children at the checkout and went to the liquor store to purchase some birthday beer for Headless Child #3.

When I went to checkout, there were two lines, one was 5 deep, the other had 2 people. At the head of my line was an Indian gentleman, I'll call him Ramesh. Ramesh was purchasing 14 2-liter bottles of red wine. A friendly black man came in and asked to pass through my line to begin shopping. The wine was rung up and Ramesh didn't like the price, it came up at $5.69 a bottle instead of $3.69. The cashier canceled the transaction as the black man gets in the other line with his 12-pack of Bud Light. She proceeds to ring up each bottle separately for Ramesh.

Oh-oh. Ramesh has a card in in hand, does he know Woodman's only takes debit? When each bottle is finally rung in, Ramesh scans his card upside-down, but it is debit. Oh yeah, the black guy is leaving with his Bud Light now. Ramesh finally figures out how to use the debit pad (Oh crap, there is a case of Special Ex under Ramesh's cart that was not rung in - I SEE NOTHING. NOTHING.). Ramesh now moves out of line and stops. He is auditing his receipt, line-by-line.

The next guy quickly completes his transaction as the cashier spots the case of Special Export - crud, I almost made it. She tells him he has to pay for the beer and to get in line, the end of the line (yes, there is a God). I check out, paying cash and return to the Headless Family as they are finishing with their check out.

Mrs. Headless says her line was worse. I know not to argue.

Wisconsin Cheddar.

Wisconsin Beer.

Wisconsin Cheddar Beer Soup.

Chunks of Polska Kielbasa are in there too, and the croƻtons are

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