Saturday, February 23, 2008

Someone is lying

MARSHALL, MINN. - The van driver who witnesses say plowed into a school bus, killing four children, appeared in court Friday to face vehicular homicide charges. But authorities still aren't sure who she is, saying she's in the country illegally and using a phony name.

Sitting in a wheelchair with a broken leg Friday in Lyon County District Court, the woman said her name was Alianiss Nunez Morales. She said she'd been working in a Cottonwood, Minn., cabinet shop and living with her boyfriend in a trailer in nearby Minneota until they broke up Tuesday, the day of the crash.

But federal immigration investigator Claude Arnold said Morales is not the woman's name, and she is not revealing her identity. He said that she is here illegally, probably from Mexico.

Mr. Arnold, you are violating Department of Homeland Security policy:
As a matter of DHS policy, any personally identifiable information (PII) that is collected, used, maintained, and/or disseminated in connection with a mixed system by DHS shall be treated as a System of Records subject to the Privacy Act regardless of whether the information pertains to a U.S. citizen, Legal Permanent Resident , visitor, or alien.

So what is it? Does ICE uphold this DHS policy, or just use it to selectively obstruct inquiries from the public?

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