Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm going somewhere with this, Part 3

I am going somewhere with this, although the further I go the less sure I know where it is.

So far, we've learned in
Part 1 that Obama speaks well, but is not well spoken, and in Part 2 that Barack may not have written anything since third grade.

Part 3 examines Barack Obama's professional resume. The following was pieced together from this article, this website, and Wikipedia.
Occidental College, no degree

Columbia University, BA Political Science

Financial Consultant

Community Organizer

Harvard Law School, JD

Not known

Associate Attorney

Lecturer, U of Chicago Law School*

Illinois State Senator

U.S. Senator
Everyone embellishes their resume (if they say they don't, they are liars). It's okay, and is similar to doing your taxes; you're expected to put things in the most favorable light. With this in mind, I will boil down Barry's experience and qualifications in terms we can all understand:

Securities Salesman

Girl Scout Leader


Race-Baiting Shyster

Part-Time Teacher

The Girl Scout Leader comparison comes from watching Mrs. Headless serve as a GS Service Unit Manager for several years. When I read the US News & World Report article on Obama, I said to myself, "That's what Mrs. Headless did." Although she worked harder than Barack and was not paid. For those familiar with SDC and the Milwaukee Poverty Pimps, that's the kind of organization that was employing Obama.

A twenty-five year career without a single promotion or professional advancement noted. I will not count his unopposed run for the U.S. Senate, that was not a promotion, but a new job based on his embellished resume.

Look for yourself: Barack couldn't hack it in the financial services world; did community organizing and got tired of it, so he decided to go to law school (where he publishes nothing); had an entry level legal job, apparently another failure, so he goes into college lecturing. Even there he couldn't even make it to Associate Professor, so he gives politics a shot.

Job durations after college: 2 years; 3 years; 3 years; 3 years; 2 years; 3 years; 8 years (finally a job he could keep, although his Illinois Senate accomplishments are nil); 4 years.

Nothing in those four years in the U.S. Senate, until this week. To show some gravitas, Barack is now proposing his Global Poverty Act. Again, it sounds good to some, but in reality Obama is veering away from the
mainstream Democratic liberal fascism and national socialism in order to embrace an international communist agenda. To the left of Hillary does not begin to describe it.

Take it from someone who knows about this, all of Obama's jobs were about nothing. No work product was required, except for financial sales and law - where he apparently failed.

Oh yeah, I'm not done yet. There's at least one more coming.

*Lecturer - Wasn't that Kevin Barrett's title?

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