Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What he say?

I too was suckered by Fraley yesterday. When I read this speech I wondered if someone actually wrote it or if it was an off-the-cuff remark by Obama. Each option was chilling in its own way.
“We deserve an America that allows each of us to be what we can be, with no limits to our dreams or our ability to dream. Together, we can achieve a greater sense of America, unrestrained by the policies of the past. Together, we will see our collective opportunities, our collective aspirations, fulfilled. While some hope to keep us down with more of the same, our call for change is resonating across this great land. We will not be so casually cast aside. Together, we can. Yes we can.”
My other thought was that this was similar to one of those management jargon or mission statement generators. Dang, I was almost right, Fraley was the Obama Gibberish Generator.

Flip is on the same track, offering this Obama Bingo card. Some talented individual can combine the two and create a web-based Obama Gobbledygook Generator.

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