Monday, July 14, 2008

A bitter divorce

After 14 years together, the husband says he is leaving. Not for someone else, he just says he's tired and needs his freedom. After much talking, begging and crying, he makes it official and files the papers to break the relationship.

Soon there is a glimmer of hope for reconciliation. She hears from his friends and relatives that he has had a change of heart. A rendezvous is arranged, she even makes airplane reservations. But two days before the reunion, he says it is over for good.

She works through the stages of grief. Finally after many months, she gains the self awareness and self confidence to know she can live without him. She has to, he is gone forever. New relationships are beginning.

Then, just as she prepares to enter into a long-term relationship with someone new, he comes back. The divorce isn't final, and he demands to be released on his terms. To do whatever he wants with whomever he wants. He may even move in with one of the sluts in the neighborhood.

She is ready to see him go, but to have to see and deal with him regularly would be too much. So she decides it is time to take control.

She will continue or end their relationship on her terms. He can come back, but only if she can continue with her new relationship and find out if it is really better for her.
He has to earn his way back into her life.

He doesn't like that and wants to move on and leave her nothing. But she holds the cards. He can go to someone new. But she will decide where he goes, and she will take a pound of flesh when he goes.

Someone should put the Favre saga to music. It is destined for the top of the country charts.


linearthinker said...


I gave up my satellite tv connection a couple years ago for reasons I won't go into. I miss the occasional Packers game we used to be treated to here on the left coast during the heydays of the 90s.

Did you ever hear the story about Ole from Peshtigo and his big hearty girlfriend Olga?

Headless Blogger said...

Ole was my college roommate, but he never mentioned Olga. Tell me about them.

linearthinker said...

Ole took a job in Green Bay when times got hard in Peshtigo. After a few weeks, he invited Olga to come visit. She did, and he took her around, showing her a real good time: movies, double cheeseburgers, etc. They wound up at Ole's favorite tavern where he introduced her to his new friends from work. One fellow was quite complimentary, and said, "Olga! You're such a healthy girl! Why, you're big enough to play with the Green Bay Packers!"

Olga decked him with one powerful blow and then scolded him. "I only play wit Ole's packer!"