Monday, July 21, 2008

Having a questioning attitude means never having to say "You are correct"

The Climate Skeptic, Warren Meyer, had a post spanking NASA for not incorporating satellite data into its global temperature record. I agree with his the recommendations for a better data set.

But having a questioning attitude means I can alarm the alarmists, deny the deniers, and be skeptical of the skeptics.

Meyer's post includes this graph of historic atmospheric CO2 concentration.

He also posts his attempt at a composite global temperature history that NASA could adopt.

How are they related? Let's find out.

Laying the CO2 record over the temperature record then adjusting scales, I find that CO2 correlates rather handily with global temperatures.

Here is the end of the composite graph, blown-up for clarity.

Holy Nobel Prize, Batman. Al Gore may be correct. But at a 1.3 degree Celsius increase per century, not his calculated 2 degree increase.

The story is not over, we'll have to wait to see if the decade long cooling trend continues.

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