Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obama's Landstuhl no-show: The Real Story

No one has come close to explaining why Obama blew off visiting the injured American servicemen at Landstuhl Medical Center. Ten versions of the story after first claiming that the Pentagon threw up last minute roadblocks, Obama's campaign now claims that Obama could not attend without retired Gen. Gratton holding his hand.

Everyone is buying this explanation, even McCain's campaign and conservative bloggers.


The reason that Obama did not pay honor to these heroes at Landstuhl is because he decided he did not want to go there. As far back as you look, this has been the way Obama operates. He doesn't follow through, then conveniently finds someone else to blame.

Throughout his campaign, he has had his staffers and advisers take the blame for his mistakes. Why should his refusal to visit Landstuhl be any different? He was caught on the record looking for members of the Obama Ministry of Propaganda (aka, the MSM) to go clubbing around Berlin with him. Throw Gen. Gratton under the bus and be done with it.

This is nothing new. Even when Obama was teaching law at the University of Chicago in 1997, that's the way it worked.
First, let me apologize for the extreme tardiness in getting this memo to you. Due to a miscue between me and my secretary in Springfield, I thought it had been faxed to the registrar and distributed over two months ago.
Obama was two months late in grading final exams, so he conveniently blamed his secretary. Was Obama too sexist (or just too dumb) to run the fax machine himself? "Fax this to UofC for me, sweetie."

The Landstuhl incident points again to Obama's lack of interest in his duties and commitments. This time those of a U.S. Senator and of a make-believe President. Less than two weeks ago Obama found a way to bail on his family just days before his world tour by going to the gym three times. Today's NYTimes story contains the same theme - little interest in exploring the law with his colleagues in Chicago, but plenty of time to go out for a smoke.

Based on this history, I firmly believe that the decision to dishonor our troops was Obama's and his alone. He changed his mind, because he lost interest and found better things to do with his time.

This McCain ad may not be far from the mark.

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