Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obama is right?

Obama's gas plan is explained here.

Enough with those biofuel fantasies, Barry. Stop it, you're killing me.

But as bizarre as it sounds, there may be something to what Obama says.

Looking at various estimates, I think 3% is a conservative estimate of the fuel that can be saved by properly inflating tires. Let's say that one-third of vehicles are under inflated. This will equate to an annual savings of 1% of motor fuels.

I previously blogged that 2.3% of the nation's gasoline could be saved by enforcing existing speed limits. Throw in Obama's 1% from airing tires and we are up to 3.3% savings. That is 5 billion gallons of imported gasoline that would not be used.

Obama is wrong if he thinks this is the end of the story. But 5 billions gallons of gas saved annually will be a jump start towards lowering prices at the pump. Start drilling and we'll see real progress.