Friday, October 19, 2007

Another consequence of raising taxes ...

... is that you and I will pay for more of these.

As I walked up the sidewalk I was yelled and cursed at by hundreds of state employees whose salary I pay as a taxpayer.

Public employee unions turned out a massive array of counter protesters. These people were some of the rudest individuals it has ever been my displeasure to encounter. Throughout the entire event the assembled union masses blew horns, chanted and yelled obscenities trying their very best to disrupt the event.

That is from Fred Dooley's post regarding Wednesday's Madison tax rally. I wasn't there, but I have read many of the fine blogposts linked from Charlie's post.

Two points.
  1. By their very presence at the rally, these protesters for raising taxes demonstrated that there are too many tax-paid employees in Wisconsin, with too little to do in their tax-paid jobs and too much tax-paid time off. Did anyone miss the "essential" services these protesters normally provide during their absense on Wednesday? Nope.
  2. New taxes will increase pay and benefits for these tax-paid employees and will also lead to the hiring of more tax-paid employees. This positive feedback loop results in more committed tax-raisers like these protesters, then higher taxes, then more tax-raisers, and so on. With Wisconsin's stagnant population, eventually these vested interests will control the majority of any tax vote and the budget will go super-critical (a nuclear term!).

What to do.

  1. Assembly Speaker Mike Huebsch must ram in the control rods on the State budget and take all tax increases off the table. Huebsch must start from the position that the hundreds of tax-paid employees that attended the rally are not needed, and reduce the budget in proportion to their tax-paid salaries and benefits. Further cuts can be made from their.
  2. The Assembly budget should impose a moratorium on the hiring of new tax-paid employees. No sane Republican should support the hiring of additional vested interest tax-raisers. Each additional tax-paid employee puts us that much closer to taxation super-critical mass.

Nip it! Nip it! Nip it!

Before it is too late.

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