Monday, October 15, 2007

More proof that Wisconsin needs a part-time legislature

ASSEMBLY BILL 265                                       
An Act relating to: requiring the Department of Administration to study
the feasibility of developing a Wisconsin brand. (FE)2007 04-13.

A. Introduced by Representatives Wieckert, Mursau, Berceau, Albers,
Vos, Owens, Petrowski, Gunderson and Bies; cosponsored by
Senators Roessler and A. Lasee.

No surprise, the Wisconsin State Journal is going along with this gag.

At least a lot of high-powered folks want Wisconsin to have an updated brand image. Their goal is to develop an image that can better sell Wisconsin as a great place to live, spend a vacation and locate a fast-growing business as well as a great place to buy high quality products.

Meetings have met, speakers have spoken and researchers have researched.

There is even a bill circulating in the Legislature that would require the state to study the feasibility of developing a Wisconsin brand image.

We recommend Wisconsin refrain from spending any more than a token amount of taxpayer money on brand imaging. But a feasibility study is a good idea. If the study shows an opportunity to spruce up Wisconsin 's image, let 's do it.

The exercise should prove valuable -- not to mention fun.

You just can't make this stuff up.
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Dad29 said...


Wisconsin: You Must Leave Your Money Here!! (Graphic: Doyle foreground, waggling index finger; State Patrol car background, lights ablaze)

Wisconsin: You Can't AFFORD To Live Here!! (The 'negative sell.')

Wisconsin: We Put the "Big" in "Big Spenders." (Graphic: the entire State Legislature)

Wisconsin: Please Come Here and Turn On the Lights Again!! (The 'sympathetic beg')