Monday, October 01, 2007

High level meeting in Menomonee Falls

I had the good fortune of meeting Dad 29 at The Big Pig Gig barbecue competition in Menomonee Falls Saturday. Our meeting resembled the above photograph. My team and guests enjoyed meeting and conversing with Dad29 and we are thrilled to finally know what that name means.

The image below is an actual photograh of Dad and Headless conversing.

White Men Can't Smoke had a super time cooking and socializing, and we had a big scoring jump from our first contest. No high placing for my barbecue, but the mini-brats from Glen's Market in Watertown took 3rd place (yes, those are mini-steins of beer).

Every bit of food we cooked was consumed by my team and guests, or handed out as samples. The positive feedback was appreciated. The crowds were huge on both days and exceeded my expectations.

The tartlettes Mrs. Headless prepared for dessert were up to her usual high standards. We are hoping for a dessert category at next year's The Big Pig Gig, so she can take home some cash.

We'll see you all in Menomonee Falls next year.


steveegg said...

So where's Iosef, or is that what the Weber is? :)

Seriously, those look like some great eats.

Headless Blogger said...

Steve - While I may resemble Sir Winston Churchill in girth and gin drinking abilities, I don't think Dad29 would appreciate being compared to either the socialist or communist pictured with Winnie.

Dad29 said...

OK. Actually, I'm the one directly behind FDR.

Great event, great show, great food (and a most lovely and gracious wife, who obviously knows how to keep you in line.)

Now please get on with the business of building new additions to Point Beach.

tinakala said...

Oh my God. I need to eat now, pronto.