Sunday, October 07, 2007

What I am drinking

I spotted Robert Hess's recipe for a Tequila Old Fashioned earlier this week at the Spirit World website. Yesterday at Woodman's I scored some agave nectar and Fee Brother's Orange Bitters, which I've been searching for forever. Substituting cheap tequila and orange bitters, I proclaim Robert's recipe to be brilliant.

Mr. Hess just may be the best bartender (drink chef?) in the nation.

Inspired by this, a Rum Old Fashioned is next for me.


Anonymous said...

Did you go on a bender this weekend?

Headless Blogger said...

It sure sounds like it, eh.

Actually, I had a very, very rare Sunday evening at home (I usually start driving to MI at 6:00), which gave me an opportunity to have a cocktail or two while preparing a leisurely dinner.

The Packers' game necessitated a beer. The second half of the game should caused me to do shots - a lot of them. But I abstained after the one beer.

I'm bright and chipper this morning.