Saturday, October 20, 2007

War declared on taxpayers

Varifrank's Law No. 1.

You don't get paid by how hard you work, but by how hard you are to replace.
I heard some of Vicki McKenna's discussion of the intimidation of taxpayers by employees of the State of Wisconsin at the rally at the State Capitol on Wednesday. I consider these actions to be a declaration of war on taxpayers by our employees. Too much will never be enough for these lazy ungrateful employees.

Because the majority of these tax-paid positions require non-skilled labor, these employees will be easy to replace.
The obvious solution is to begin outsourcing these jobs to the private sector in order to reduce the out-of-touch pay, benefits and workload of the current lazy, over-paid, under-worked employees.

It is simply time to fight back against the current out of control system.
If the electric company can do it (several times since the early 1990's), there is no reason the State of Wisconsin cannot. This is also one area where I would embrace the employment of undocumented workers to reduce costs.

As an added benefit to the party of taxation, by outsourcing this work to private industry, additional corporate profits will be available for taxation and additional donors created to shakedown.

Mssrs. Zipperer and Kanavas, you must now earn my vote. Vote against this budget. It is time to start over and stand-up against these employees who are at war with us, their employers.

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