Saturday, October 13, 2007

Nobel Larureate Al Gore - Assorted Thoughts

Number 1
GOP Vixen digs right to the point of Al Gore's Nobel prize that gets under my skin.

What's nauseating is not so much another honor for Gore, but those whose struggles have been ignored to throw wreaths at the ex-vice president (and Manbearpig hunter, hat tip to "South Park"). What about Father Nguyen Van Ly, the Vietnamese priest who's worked tirelessly for democracy and spent years in and out of dank prisons for rallying the people for freedom? What about Kareem Amer, the Egyptian blogger who advocated peace and justice, and now sits in prison? What about the monks of Burma, many of whom are now dead or missing because, as the world stood by and just watched, they took the lead to demand democracy in peaceful marches through Myanmar's streets?

Then again, none of those people really working for peace has ever walked a red carpet -- just seen the red of bloodshed and oppression in countries few seem to care about anymore, and did all in their power to make a difference.

The Nobel Peace Prize has become no different than any other Hollywood/elitist award. These awards and prizes are for politics and/or popularity, merit no longer is a factor.

Number 2 - Based on protecting the world from man made climate change, I deserve the award more than Gore.

I've put in over twenty-five years in the carbon friendly nuclear power business. I drive a crappy little gas-sipping automobile. I never fly on a private jet. I don't profit from fraudulent carbon-trading schemes. Residents in my 2,000-ish square foot home sweat in the summer and shiver in the winter (you can confirm this with Mrs. Headless). Most of my 8 acre property is a deeded natural conservancy (no mining is happening here).

I've done more to reduce worldwide carbon emissions than Gore. I also personally emit a butt-load less carbon on a daily basis than Al Gore.

Al - Send me the money. You can keep the medal and honors.

Number 3 - The one person most upset with this award has to be Bill Clinton. After all the whoring Clinton has done to position himself for a Nobel prize, both in office and now in private life, Vice-Dummy Gore wins it for his phony weather thing. Bill must be seething.

Pretty damn funny.

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