Friday, September 26, 2008

48-Block State

When is a form of identification proof of nothing?

When the Madison Vote Fraudsters specify the form of identification (I'm Jim Doyle and I approve this message).

Paragraph 6.34, Proof of residence required, of the Wisconsin Statutes specifies the following documents as establishing eligibility to vote. None of the listed documents completely proves the eligibility of the document holder to vote in Wisconsin. And this is without consideration of the ease of creation of fraudulent documents in this age of scanners, Photoshop and color printers. And also without considering the ongoing organized efforts to register fraudulent voters, including non-citizens of the United States, in Wisconsin.

(3) (a) An identifying document used to establish proof of an elector’s residence under sub. (2) shall contain the information required under par. (b) and is limited to one of the following

Of the 11 specified documents, only 5 will prove one's identity, and a mere 2 are proof of a Wisconsin domicile and eligibility to vote (assuming proof of U.S. Citizenship). Not one of the 11 documents proves U.S. Citizenship for the would-be voter.

Within the last five years, I have personally obtained documents 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11 in other states without establishing my domicile in those states. Despite my legitimate possession of those documents, I was never eligible to vote in any state other than Wisconsin (see my discussion of Domicile, here). I am familiar with many individuals domiciled outside of Wisconsin who have legitimately obtained many of these "proof of residence" documents in Wisconsin. These documents are proof of nothing.

Furthermore, Clause 7 specifically extends Wisconsin voting rights to non-residents of the State. This contradicts other requirements of Chapter 6 of the Statutes and of the Wisconsin Tax Code. Every non-resident student at a Wisconsin college or university who registers and votes in Wisconsin using their dormitory as their domicile is committing vote fraud.

The Wisconsin voter eligibility requirements are set up to facilitate vote fraud. It is well past time to create effective rules to validate the eligibility to vote of every voter in the State of Wisconsin. Me included.