Monday, September 01, 2008

Checking resumes

In my line of work, most individuals have a resume in the can and ready to be tweaked when the next job opportunity comes along. My resume is nothing great, but contains enough information about my accomplishments for me to have been placed in my last four jobs with nothing more than reference checks and telephone interviews.

A google will find hundreds of sample resumes. They all include this common information just in different order and emphasis.
  • Education
  • Professional Experience
  • Accomplishments
  • References
After seeing this side-by-side comparison of Obama's and Palin's experience some questions are begged. Obama's education and professional experience are very impressive: Columbia & Harvard Law degrees; attorney, college lecturer, State & U.S. Senator. But a check of Obama's accomplishments and references comes up blank, not even his GPA from the two schools. What has he accomplished in the 25 years of his professional career?

Let's look.
  • Law review editor - nope, that goes under experience, not accomplishments.
  • Passing a law to provide a sweetheart deal to Rezko and receiving help with his mortgage in return - not sure that I'd list that.
  • Holding up passage of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act - you gotta go with your strengths.
  • Earmarks for his wife's employer, just in time for her to receive a massive raise - that's not much help.
Okee-doke. Let's check those references.
  • Reverend Jeremiah Wright
  • Bill Ayres
  • Tony Rezko
  • Khalid al-Mansour

Even Obama's acceptance speech, the equivalent of my job interview, was not about him. He recalled his grandfather's patriotism and recited the DNC platform from 1976, but did not give any reason to believe that he can implement this platform or accomplish anything at all.

With these accomplishments and references, it is beyond disturbing that anyone would consider offering Barack Obama any paying job, much less even consider him for the Presidency of the United States.

Is there a Human Resource professional in the house? Have I hit the mark on this?


Dad29 said...

I think he'd be offered good spots as a lobbyist, or maybe a junior house-counsel slot in a firm which deals with Gummints a lot.

And I think that's fairly realistic.

Headless Blogger said...

Thank you HR Pro.

Encompassed said...

Oh man, that's funny, but it's not...Khalid al-Mansour, yikes.