Thursday, September 04, 2008

Poverty Pimp Parody Blog

Too funny. I think the people making comments at the Community Organizers Fight Back Blog think the blog is serious.

Poverty pimps, welfare leeches, community organizers - whatever. Just lipstick on a pig. They won't be missed when their tax sucking jobs are eliminated.

Don Surber found the job duties of a community organizer today. Remember, this is a paid job.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Will work closely with the lead community organizer to:
o Assess and evaluate community assets and strengths
o Design and develop community participation processes
o Develop and support Neighborhood Action Councils (NAC)
o Assist communities in the implementation of participation processes and leadership development
o Create communication infrastructures ...
Read the rest of the job description and requirements here.

Here's what I said about Obama, the community organizer, in February.
The Girl Scout Leader comparison comes from watching Mrs. Headless serve as a GS Service Unit Manager for several years. When I read the US News & World Report article on Obama, I said to myself, "That's what Mrs. Headless did." Although she worked harder than Barack and was not paid. For those familiar with SDC and the Milwaukee Poverty Pimps, that's the kind of organization that was employing Obama.
I apologize to all current and former Girl Scout volunteers. To compare the work you do to Barack Obama's old job is an insult to you.


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