Friday, September 12, 2008

Team Hillary Strikes Again

Obama cannot possibly be this stupid. Team Hillary must have some moles on the Obama campaign. They are unloading a massive barrage of political sabotage to keep her viable in 2012.

Just Wondering [Jonah Goldberg]

Does anyone know why McCain doesn't use a computer or email? As a couple readers suggested to me, it might be because his injuries prevent it. I mean he can't lift his arms much higher than his chest and it looks like he has all sorts of other mobility problems with them. Maybe he can't type or use something like a blackberry. I don't know. But I hope the Obama campaign found out before they played the granpa Simpson card on McCain. I'd hate for Obama to be mocking a veteran's disability to score cheap points.

Next thing you know his vice presidential pick will be telling guys in wheelchairs to get up.

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Dad29 said...

Forgetting for the moment the actual REASON McC can't use a keyboard...

Did the O campaign think that this would endear O to the "over-70" set in Floriduh?

You know, the group that controls the election outcomes in that State?