Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Ultimate Hipster

Obama still has not retracted his mean spirited ad mocking John McCain's war disabilities. Of course the MSM has not paid notice to this. Obama get's every free cheap shot that he wants.

So do I.

They left out the part about Obama's habitual and continuing use of marijuana & cocaine, and dealing heroin.

If Obama wants to look back at 1982, let's look at the real choice in this election: Ronald Reagan's surrogates of McCain/Palin or Jimmy Carter's surrogates of Obama/Biden. That is a no-brainer (no I do not mean that the no-brained Obama & Biden are the right choice).

John McCain will not defend himself against these attacks. It is a matter of his sense of honor, make that Honor. He took that abuse in Hanoi to protect his comrades, he'll take it today.

Step up now, Swiftboat Veterans for Truth.

HT- Scrappleface

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