Monday, September 08, 2008

Something aboot Sarah

The Obama Campaign's Spread the Smears website has raised new questions about Republican V.P. candidate Sarah Palin's background.
We just went through a summer-long witch hunt by the Republican attack machine trying to smear Barack Obama. They said Barack's birth certificate is fake and that he is ineligible to become President. Now it is only fair that the press investigate these serious questions about Sarah Palin's place of birth.

So far, no proof has been offered that her parents were U.S. citizens when Sarah Palin was born. They also claim her birth was in Sandpoint, Idaho; conveniently just 50 miles from the Canadian border.

Let's get to the truth of this matter.
Furthering the Obama campaign's concerns are former-Mayor Palin's odd behaviors and speech patterns, which have never before been witnessed within the beltway of Washington or the social circles of New York City. These include.
  • Guns and fishing
  • Sounding Canadian (Ask her to say "About")
  • Consuming moose
  • Five kids by one father
  • Hockey mom pride (Only in Canada, we have soccer mom's in the U.S.)
Spread the Smears concludes.
That is the meat of the matter, former PTA Leader Palin continues to this day to behave like a Canadian, not an American. She cannot be eligible for the Vice Presidency.

Elsewhere, on the stump in Green Bay, Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden took an unprecedented shot at the Democratic led House and Senate.
Name me a single issue that affects your life - jobs, health care, education, energy - where you are better today than 2006. If you liked the last two years, you'll like the next four years of a Obama-Biden-Pelosi-Reid controlled government, because there is no change.

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