Sunday, September 14, 2008

Follow-up on 5 reasons the CC trade is a disaster

The wildcard lead is gone tonight. A good time to reflect on this previous post.

1. Past performance is not indicative of future results. This isn't 2007 for CC Sabathia anymore.
UPDATE: I was dead wrong. CC is better than I could ever imagine.

2. Matt LaPorta will be a perennial All-Star and occasional MVP. Just not for the Brewers.
UPDATE: I was correct. The Brewers pissed away a prospect and will still not be in the playoffs.

3. No lead is safe with this bullpen. Unless he pitches complete games, Sabathia's success is dependent on names like Gagne and Mota.
UPDATE: That "complete game" thing - who would've guessed? But the bullpen has still blown enough leads this year that would have put the Brewers safely in post-season play.

4. Fielder is going, going, gone. And his replacement is playing in Cleveland.
UPDATE: Please go Prince. It can't happen soon enough.

5. These are the Brewers. Small market teams need to play the small market game. Stick with the plan and don't react to perceived circumstances. It is suicide to spend money and trade prospects like you are the Cubs, Yankees or BoSox.
UPDATE: That is the entire point. They went for it all without having the rest of the pieces in place. The team (and the Manager) cannot handle a pennant drive, why even think about the playoffs.

No playoffs in 2008. Therefore the Sabathia trade is a disaster.

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Dad29 said...

Yah--except The Owner didn't read your memo.

He expects that what he gave Yost would be enough to win.

No wins? No Yost.