Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dozens rally in Cedarburg

"(M)ore than a thousand" at the Cedarburg rally? The MSM, or more accurately, the OMP (Obama Ministry of Propaganda) can ignore the facts of Palin's popularity at their own peril.

Here we have a heroine from a small town in Alaska taking on a corrupt Chicago politician. It doesn't take Roger Ebert to figure out who the audience will be pulling for. By allying themselves with Obama's campaign, the press will become less and less relevant by the hour.

A Glass Ceiling does not exist for Sarah Palin

While in that long line in Cedarburg, I saw way too many little girls and young women to count. This crowd was not there for Sen. McCain, I'd guess that over 75% were there for Gov. Palin. The women in my life are thrilled to see a woman advance on her own merits, not her husband's popularity or daddy's political influence.

The broken glass-ceiling is more relevant than the press or Obama will ever imagine. These little girls and young women (and their moms and dads) have been inspired by Gov. Palin and her achievements (Note to Mr. Obama: Achievement, noun, something accomplished). My wife's girlfriends were jealous that we could be in Cedarburg, even her Obama supporting (until Wednesday) non-political friend.

Sarah Palin is very much like someone you know. She has a real life beyond politics and scrambling for political favor. Watch this TV report from 2006 (HT - Belling).

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Dad29 said...

Good stuff--and it comports with my observations perfectly.

Women and girls are enthralled.