Friday, November 23, 2007

COEXIST. The point they missed.

When I first saw a COEXIST bumper sticker (on a Prius in Madison, of course), one of my reactions was that in certain parts of the world, that sticker would be considered extremely offensive. The placement of a Star of David within inches of the Islamic Crescent would provoke outrage.

We learned earlier this year of the lack of tolerance for offensive images in parts of the Middle East. I contend that the below two images would be considered equally offensive and would provoke equal outrage.

Don't believe it? Then put your life where your mouth is and drive a Prius with that smug and edgy bumper sticker on the streets of Beirut or Kabul. I'm still computing the over/under for the number of lashes that you would receive in Riyadh.

Promoting religious tolerance through religiously offensive bumper stickers. Good fun in Madison. A chance for moral indignation in Milwaukee. A death sentence in Tehran.

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