Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tell me how this works

I (with my brother) am one of Madison's smallest landlords in terms of the number of properties managed - we own one. We try to be responsible and look out for our tenants. We added insulation to the property and even had the coin-op washer & dryer replaced at our cost with free running machines.

This year we have received notices from Madison's Building Inspection Unit for issues as small as a hole in a window screen and trash cans left at the curb. Each time with the threat of fine if the problems were not addressed within 30 days.

Notice anything in the photos below?

How about the missing structural column to support the roof over this porch?

Or the rotting porch deck boards?

Or the missing balusters and inadequate railing?

This porch has been in this condition for over one year. I finally called the Madison Building Inspector to report this condition on September 21. These photos were taken on November 3.

This is not my property. This property is managed by one of Madison's largest landlords. Signs for this company are displayed on residential properties all over the campus area.

Small hole in a window screen, fix within 30 days. Major structural defects with potential for significant injury to the students living in this multi-unit property, never mind.

How does this work?


steveegg said...

Cash, my friend. The pols will get it out of you either at donation time or inspection time.

Dad29 said...

I think Steve's right.

Either that or there are two building inspectors in Madistan, and yours actually has eyeballs.

Headless Blogger said...

In Madison? Come on, that city epitomizes clean government.

steveegg said...

You mean like Wisconsin as a whole before the last few years? In government, "clean" just means they hide the dirt more-effectively than usual.