Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why now?

Just because I wanted to give the finger to the fascists and fascist appeasers who comprise the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution: Deal With It!

Coexist with these Islamic killers? Don't be stupid. They will hack your head off at their very first opportunity.

NB: I would still be quite honored to have
Tom McMahon 4-Block my Jena-Jude blogpost.


Anonymous said...

Don't be ridiculous. I could say the same thing about Christians. Have you heard of the Crusades? Or how Christians were treated with equal rights under the Ottoman Empire even when they were persecuting Muslims for no reason other than self-righteousness? I like to be a real Christian and say "turn the other cheek." Love thine enemy and he will become thine friend. Maybe you should think about how close minded and racist you are in that comment you just made hmm?

Anonymous said...
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Headless Blogger said...

Crashed any planes into buildings lately, Harry? Or you sticking with decapitations?

Anonymous said...

Meh, racism... :\

Oh well

Headless Blogger said...


Vanessa Hernandez said...

lol I agree with Harry. Even though I don't identify with Christians I believe everybody needs to learn to coexist. No, not all Muslims chop heads off and believe in flying planes into buildings. To assume that the Muslim religion is only comprised of those things is ignorant. All religions are essentially the same just with a different name for 'God' and more than one has done something fucked up. Believing that we can coexist is much nobler than telling everybody to go fuck off.