Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jeff Wagner, closet leftist?

I know it is just a throwaway line, but Jeff Wagner pulls one out of the leftwing playbook.

In rejecting a four year $42 million dollar offer from the Brewers to sign with the Cincinnati Reds for a couple of million more ($42 million, $46 million - at those numbers, does it really matter?), Cordero has demonstrated that he has a peculiar way of showing his gratitude.
So someone other than Cordero should decide when he is making enough money?

How much is too much to host a radio talk show? Should Sykes settle for Wagner's pay, or Wagner for James T.'s? Some people believe so.

And if $1 million a year shouldn't matter to Cordero, why should the minuscule cost of Healthy Wisconsin matter to you, me and Jeff. That property tax increase is only several hundred bucks, why should we care?

Don't go there Jeff. You are making a bad point for them.

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