Saturday, November 03, 2007

Palo Verde pipe bomb

Yes sir
Mr. Drudge, the security systems at U.S. nuclear plants work.
A nuclear power plant in Arizona was locked down Friday morning after security guards discovered a pipe bomb in a contract worker's truck, authorities said.

Plant operator Arizona Public Service called the discovery an "unusual event" and sealed off the site, with no traffic entering or leaving the grounds.

A bomb squad from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department declared the pipe bomb a "credible explosive device."

The contract worker was entering Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station at a checkpoint for a standard security inspection at the beginning of the day shift. Guards armed with automatic rifles check identification and search under the hoods of all vehicles entering the plant.

APS security discovered this bomb at the very first checkpoint for entering the Owner Controlled Area. Think of this as a checkpoint at the airport before you even can get to the parking, departures and arrivals areas. I won't give away any secrets, but a lady I worked with was detained by security at this checkpoint after firecracker residue was found on her car. These are not your typical barely conscious TSA workers that are providing security. These are heavily armed nuclear professionals and they are serious.

This bomb was detected before the metal detectors, bomb sniffers and x-ray units were even encountered and was outside of the security fence and razor wire that define the Protected Area, the lowest level security area at the plant.

This is a non-event from a security standpoint, but could be possible evidence of probing of the plant's defenses by terrorists. A good catch by Arizona Public Service.

Zeke would be proud.


Dad29 said...

"Full-auto" rifles? Requires almost as much licensing as 'nuke operator...'

That's interesting. As you know, I'm acquainted with a few nuke-security measures, but that's a tidbit not commonly known.

Headless Blogger said...

There are many security details unknown by the majority of workers at these plants. Safeguards information is strictly controlled on a need to know basis.

I've heard rumors and speculation of some serious military-grade equipment. But I will never know until these systems are used to defend an attack.