Saturday, November 17, 2007

What I am drinking

From Tom DeZell's Sendik's Wine News of October 3.

At some point during our visit that day, I mentioned to him that I was looking for affordable, good quality, German white wine in liter bottles, preferably a Spätlese. He made it very clear on that day that he would be on the hunt for us. Almost five years have passed in taking this project full circle. Claus sent samples via our wholesaler, and we picked two that we were very enthusiastic about.

These two wines were sourced from St. Antonius Weinkellerei in the Nahe, and the winemaker is Anton Biroth who is a fifth generation winemaker there... Our regular price on the liter of Burg Layer Schlosskapelle 2006 Bachus Spälese is $12.99. We will be featuring this wine for $9.99. The second liter bottling of Rüdesheimer Rosengarten 2006 Spätlese would normally sell for $10.99. We will be featuring this wine for $8.99 or 3 for $24.00.

Both of these wines are loaded up with stone fruit goodness – all peaches and apricots. Rich and spicy with good levels of sweetness, both wines have enough acidity so that they will finish clean. They will appeal to a very broad audience and are perfect for fall and winter holiday entertaining. Enjoy!
I made the mistake of opening the Burg Layer Schlosskapelle 2006 Bacchus Spätlese first. It has a noticeably greater amount of residual sugar than the Rüdesheimer Rosengarten 2006 Spätlese, although the Rüdesheimer Spätlese is sweet in itself, it is tough to switch to the drier wine after tasting the unctuous sweetness of the Schlosskapelle wine.

Both are bargains at these prices. Stock your cellar before I buy it all.

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