Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Pre-operational terrorist planning"

Terrorists probing air security on a flight to MKE in October. Where has this been reported by the local media?

Annie Jacobsen reports:

This TSA Suspicious Incident #177, Unclassified but For Official Use Only (U//FOUO), "has many of the elements of pre-operational terrorist planning" according to TSA Office of Intelligence. It was leaked to me earlier today in my ongoing efforts to compile terrorist dry runs and probes on airplanes.

A FFDO (Federal Flight Deck Officer — i.e. armed pilot) flying in non-mission status on October 24, 2007, on a flight from Washington D.C. to Milwaukee, identified himself to flight crew in advance of take-off. When flight crew witnessed suspicious behavior by four passengers, they reported the information to the FFDO.
H/T - Little Green Footballs


Dad29 said...

That can be quite a flight.

On a Saturday afternoon several years ago, I took YX from DC to MKE.

On the plane with me were Sen. Herb Kohl, Sen. Paul Simon, and another Wis. politician who was (briefly) Sec Def, Larry Eagleburger.

In the airport concourse (at a bar) was Bill Bennett.

Headless Blogger said...

I took the flight over a decade ago with Russ, Herb, Barrett and Sensenbrenner. I was surprised they'd let that much of Congress on a single flight.