Sunday, November 18, 2007

Paul Soglin: Deathnocrat

I shouldn't pick on noted intellect Paul Soglin, but he begs for it. However, this post goes beyond Paul to include his entire Party of Taxes.

Paul* recently wrote:

The death of a doctor last week in Milwaukee County highlights the never ending debate over the role of government in providing for our health and safety. Dr. Krishna Chintamaneni was driving on I-43 and was killed when the wheel flew off a semitrailer truck.


Somewhere there was failure. Somewhere there was some government agency too busy, too over-worked, stretched beyond its resources that was not able to effectively follow up and enforce the regulations.

Quick. When did you last check the torque on your vehicle's tires? What does your Owner's Manual recommend?

Paul's answer is more taxes and more spending. Prioritization of finite resources is never a solution for Paul or these other taxers. They always demand another government program and increased taxes.

Instead of maintaining bridges they divert motor fuel taxes to build under-utilized choo-choos, then demand higher taxes to fix the bridges. Rather than inspect motor vehicles these motor fuel taxes pay for buses. Spending is never enough.

By ignoring the unintended consequences of their actions, Paul and his ilk have killed millions. The latest example is their taking food from the starving to fight an imaginary climatic crisis.

The blood of millions is on the hands of Paul Soglin.

projection doesn't fool me.

*Che, Fidel, Hugo and Paul. Some notable one-name icons of Madison's communist community.

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