Thursday, November 22, 2007

Putting our lives in perspective

Varifrank's Law #20.
If you feel the need to whine about the current circumstances of your life, imagine yourself standing on the stage of a college lecture auditorium, in the audience sit all the members of your ancestry extending back all the way in time to the stone age. Father, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great grand fathers and mothers and so on and so on. Now, imagine trying to tell them how tough you have it and then try to imagine how hard they would laugh at you for complaining about the air conditioning on your Lexus not working or your condo in Florida going down in value.
Beyond that Lexus and condo ...
  • Look at all the fresh, safe, high quality food in front of you today. More of a feast than your ancestors could ever imagine.
  • Consider the medical care you receive. Unheard of for even my parents' generation, and a bargain even without insurance coverage.
  • Technology. I can't begin to believe what I can buy today for just one day's wages. Products that were beyond science fiction as I was growing up.
  • A public education. Yes, despite our bitching, for families and children that care, our educational opportunities are exceptional.
  • Living in the United States of America. Our stable government has allowed me to live with never a day of fear, cold, or hunger in my life.
The list is endless.

Give thanks.

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Dad29 said...

I can't begin to believe what I can buy today for just one day's wages

Yah, that Maserati...