Saturday, November 17, 2007

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Random Thoughts

I may have hit the blogging wall. My new job is more demanding and mentally consuming than my previous position and I have little mental energy left for stirring up controversy after I get home. This silliness may get me started.

I made my first project status presentation to plant management yesterday. After witnessing the PM's for eight other projects get grilled and put on the spot, it was my chance to give an update on the project from hell. I went through my talking points with nary a question. This may have been related to being able to report some success and progress, or could have been due to ass-chewing fatigue and the consumption of pizza before they got to me.

Wrangler 5 Star Premium Denin Jeans were never even close to being on my radar screen, but that ad with Brett made them must-haves for me. The fact that the ad campaign provoked sniping from some Twin Cities pundit (another freaking LOSER from the Land of 10,000 LOSERS) makes it all the better. Decent jeans at a really good price with plenty of room for my rear end. What an awesome and effective ad campaign. Wrangler jeans are available at a Walmart near you.

On a more serious note, there was a nice essay by Charles Bork yesterday at National Review Online on the proper ratio of gin to vermouth in a good martini. His conclusion, 7:1 was optimal. My input, be sure to use a decent vermouth. I like Lillet Blanc for an exceptional, albeit different, martini.

Elsewhere, Paul Soglin, the formerly important Madisonian and currently irrelevant blogger, announced that conservative Republicans are to blame for the large accumulation of cerumen he experienced recently. This assertion is based on Mr. Soglin's knee jerk blaming of all things that irritate him on evil conservatives.

Bleg - Help me out here, Soglin's blog is satire, isn't it?

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